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By Hannah Cho


Each entry must…

  1. be written in English;
  2. contain no more than 3,000 words;
  3. be written in a steampunk style—including, but not limited to, taking place during the 1800s (and, if desired, some time in the future); and
  4. involve at least one real or imagined quantum technology.

Those are the main requirements. Common-sense details are in the Contest Rules.


  1. Submission: Oct. 10, 2022—Jan. 15, 2023, 11:59 PM EST, via submission form.

  2. First cut: Jan. 15, 2023—Mar. 15, 2023.
    The leadership team will choose 15 finalists.

  3. Finalist judging: Mar. 16, 2023—Apr. 16, 2023
    The judges will select winners. The finalists will be posted online, where the public can vote for a People’s Choice Award winner.

  4. Announcement of winners: May 1, 2023


Multiple prizes will be awarded, in the form of Visa gift certificates. The grand prize will be $1,500; the rest of the prizes will be at least $100 each and will total $3,000. The leadership and judges will determine how many prizes and which denominations to award. We anticipate offering prizes for categories such as Most Badass Steampunk Hero/ine, People’s Choice, Best Student Submission, and Quantum Technology We’d Most Like to Have.

How to enter

Fill out and submit the online form.

Who can enter

Everyone aged 13 and over.




Jeffrey Bub

Distinguished University Professor and philosopher of physics University of Maryland.


Louisa Gilder

Author of The Age of Entanglement.


Jack Harris

Professor of Physics, Yale.


Walter E. Lawrence III

Emeritus Professor of Physics, Dartmouth..


Ken Liu

Speculative-fiction writer; Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy winner.


Spiros Michalakis

Outreach Manager, Quantum Physicist, and Scientific Consultant for the Ant-Man films, Caltech.


Emily Brandchaft Mitchell

Associate Professor of English and Novelist, University of Maryland.


Patrick R. Warfield

Director of Arts for All, College of Arts and Humanities, University of Maryland.